Oriental Republic of Chile

Capital : Santiago

Population : 17, 250, 000                                  

Ethnicity : 59% White, 25% Mesitzo (mixed European and Native), 8% Native

Official language : Spanish (Chilean dialect)

Currency : Peso

Location : Long strip of land, running along the Pacific coast between the Andes Mts., from the Border of Peru to the tip known as Patagonia.
Countries that it borders ; Peru, Bolivia, and Argentina.

Attractions : Valparaiso, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, colorful sea village

Santiago, a very busy and Modern capital city

Viña Del Mar (Vineyard by the Sea)

Easter Island, a Polynesian Island and territory of Chile, UNESCO World Heritage Site and home of the Indigenous Indians, the Rapa Nui

Torres Del Paine, boasts Mountains, a Lake, and a Glacier, part of Chilean Patagonia.

Land : Chile holds a varied climate, to North they have the worlds driest desert Atacama. The North also holds the countries wealth, in the form of Copper. The next type of climate Chile contains is a Mediterranean climate. This climate is perfect for growing crops and especially grapes. Chile has a very high producing wine economy, mainly due to its these perfect conditions for vineyards. The last climate is contains is a Rainy climate. Chile is an extremely diverse and unique land. Besides its varied climates it also has very distinct geographic features, such as; Volcanoes, Mountains (Andes Mt. Range), Fjords, Islands, and is part of Patagonia, which is home to Glaciers and special wildlife.

Santiago (Capital)

Economy : Proudly Chile is one of South Americas most stable economies. It leads Latin America for human development, competitive income per capita, globalization, and economic freedom. Chile is also rated one of the lowest in South America for corruption and is considered one of the safest countries in South America.

* Addition- The English Language is Mandatory in schools Nation wide from the grade 5 and up, which leaves a good amount of people in Chile able to communicate in English.