I'm in Chile

Evening drive South of Santiago

After departing on my long awaited tour of South America's Southern Cone countries, it took 14 hours from Miami to Bogota, Colombia, to Santiago, Chile, then driving 2 hours South to San Vicente. 

You can say I was a little tired but the drive was very beautiful to watch through the window, amazing scenery of the Mountains and Vineyards surrounding them everywhere. 

It was extremely surprising to find after landing in Santiago, the capital, it looked just like any other American big city. 

It was even more surprising for my first stop, where I was taken to the mall. It was a very nice big mall, the food court and restaurants looked exactly like the one's in the United States.

The food court consists of all the exact same fast food chains you would find in an American mall. Pizza Hut, Subway, KFC, Chinese food, McDonald's, and only 1 Chilean food chain 'Douggies', which serves an assortment of hot-dog toppings like avocado and salsas.

This was a little saddening as I was looking forward to some Chilean food but I was soon explained that I would get plenty of that out side of the capital.

After hours of traveling I reached my destination, tired and hungry, but my day wasn't over yet, there was more driving to do. The town I was in San Vicente is a small town where everything is closed by 9pm, so to get any food there was more driving involved.

Ok, so more driving happened but to my surprise I had a very nice meal. It was actually an appetizer composed of marinated pieces of steak and chicken, black olives, cheese, and mushrooms. Later I followed that by many cups of tea and an amazing piece of Tiramisu!!

Followed again by more driving back the town I was staying in. I laid my head down and the next thing I remember was dogs barking like crazy and children yelling, guess it was the first day back to school and the school is located directly in front of my bedroom......You get long trip tiredness thing right??

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